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I had been admiring my girlfriend's engagement ring for the longest time and of course asked her where her husband bought it from...Charleston Alexander! My then boyfriend now husband and I went there to check it out after our long search for my ring. I was greeted by Rick and I told him exactly what I was looking for and he knew immediately just the ring for me. I have small fingers (size 3.5) and didn't want something too overbearing. He said his wife has the same style I like and small fingers like me! He showed me the ring his wife has and I was head over heels when I saw the ring on my finger. I secretly knew that was the one! But compared to the rings my husband and I were looking at it was far out of our range. So we left and continued our search but every jeweler we went to I would always try to find a similar one to the one I saw at CA. The ring I wanted was a Tacori and the detail on their rings are so intricate, truly unique that there isn't anything like it. I had given up hope until my husband proposed and surprised me with the ring I wanted from CA! "AHHH!!!" was my replied to his proposal and my reaction to seeing the sparkling diamond ring in the royal blue ring box. I am madly deeply in love with my ring and catch myself staring at it in the elevator (it's so sparkly in there), typing, driving etc. Tacori has a lifetime warranty so even if CA closes you can go to any store that sells Tacori and they will honor the warranty. I noticed the Tacori stamp inside my ring, the letter "i" was faded from when they melted the gold to make the ring smaller. I brought it to Rick's attention and he took care of it, he sent it to Tacori to get it restamped with no charge. I love that CA will clean your ring every four months and one time when I went in for a cleaning I saw Rick and he told me if I wanted the matching band then Tacori is having an end of year sale. Yup, my then fiance got on the sale and I am one happy gal! Thank you so much Rick, you are the man!

Nancy, Wedding Date: 11/01/2015


In 1987 Charleston Alexander Diamond Importers family owned operated business was established. They began their journey to change the way people bought certified diamonds in the Washington, Maryland and Virginia area. They specialize in custom made to order engagement rings, wedding bands and jewelry. Their dream to serve the Washington Metro area came true. Importing diamonds from the five diamond capitals of the world, they have established themselves as the leading diamond and custom jeweler in the area. Customer experience and customer service is their number one priority; they understand it begins with the relationship they have with each and every one of their guests. Trust, guidance and value are what set Charleston Alexander apart from other jewelers, diamond dealers and online companies. From designer settings to one of a kind master pieces, Charleston Alexander prides themselves on creating a diamond purchasing experience like no other.


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Corporate Events, Engagement Parties, Holiday Parties

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Angela, Wedding Date: 10/06/2018
Quality of Service: 0.5 Responsiveness: 0.5 Professionalism: 0.5 Value: 0.5 Flexibility: 0.5

Wow. I was absolutely stunned with the poor service I received. It was so dismissive and rude, that the salesman with the beard at the Falls Church location made me feel as if I had offended him somehow. I wasn't obtrusive or demanding...only wanted to take a look at two rings, before I got the sense that I was bothering him so much, that I felt I needed to leave. I am a pretty reasonable person - I am a physician in the community, a respectful human being, was casually dressed but had on a diamond encrusted Rolex and a designer bag. I am Asian..perhaps that's why he was so disgusted with me? Hard to know.

Mind you, there was not a soul in the entire store, which was sparse with inventory and the displays were peeling and in a disasterous state. They must be going out of business?

Services Used: Jewelry

ying, Wedding Date: 04/14/2018
Quality of Service: 0.5 Responsiveness: 0.5 Professionalism: 0.5 Value: 0.5 Flexibility: 0.5

I took my ring to get resized, I confirmed in store when dropping off the ring with Karen twice that it should be sized up to 4.5. A week later, I check the receipt to confirm pick up date and see that she wrote down 4.75. I called CA to inquire about the discrepancy, they had not started work on my ring and states that their notes say 4.75 but will correct on their end.

When my fiancé calls to confirm the ring will be ready for pick up, he is told “Yes, we are working on it now, it will be sized up to 4.75 and ready at 4pm today”. Truly unbelievable, they not only made the same mistake again but also started working on it on the very last day! What was the point of leaving the ring for two weeks? We were assured by manager that the ring will be 4.5 and prongs will be fixed. When we went to pick up the ring, there was a significant scratch on the band which I had them buff out. This wasn’t done without advice from Karen, who lectured me about how rings are meant to be worn and scratches will happen. Does that mean the store should give me a scratched ring from the beginning?

Upon closer examination, after leaving, I find that the prongs still have not been fixed! They had only resized the ring and ignored all the other requests. When we call, Rick tells my fiancé that it was the best the jeweler could do...meaning what? He didn’t even bother to ask us to bring it in to see what they could do. We were told two different things, Karen claimed they took the stone off to resize the band while Rick said they never touched the stone. Where is the professionalism, accountability and customer service?

My setting is a simple band, no pave diamonds or special design with a solitaire diamond and they could even get that right. Are smooth edges and dent free prongs too much to ask for?

Services Used: Jewelry

Anastasiia, Wedding Date: 12/17/2017
Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0

If you want to find a perfect ring go to Charleston Alexander and ask for Jana. She is absolutely the best at what she does!

She helped me to find a perfect stone and was very attentive and followed up with me on every stage of the process.

We picked the stone and ordered it from their online website. But before my stone was shipped she did an additional quality control to make sure that it’s perfect. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass her quality check and she noticed some “cloud” inside it. Jana called me and told me about it even though I wouldn’t be able to notice it with the naked eye. She then found and ordered a different stone that was a much better quality and more expensive than the one I originally ordered but let me have it for the same price!!!

When I came to pick up my ring I was absolutely in love with it! It’s PERFECT!!!
Thank you Jana!!! You are the best!!!

Services Used: Jewelry

Brian, Wedding Date: 11/04/2017
Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0

After spending weeks if not months researching and shopping around at many other jewelers for the perfect engagement ring, I finally visited Charleston Alexander and knew right away that I had found the right place. By this point I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, and Duane and Mical were incredibly helpful in creating the perfect custom ring with absolutely none of the pressure or sleazy sales tactics I experienced elsewhere. They were extremely knowledgeable, attentive to detail, and flexible when it came to working with my budget.

I'm also happy to say Charleston Alexander has been just as wonderful to work since this purchase. We've been back to get the ring resized as well as returning multiple times to have it cleaned and polished at no cost, even when we showed up once as they were closing the doors.

Needless to say, we went back to purchase our wedding bands, and couldn't be happier with the same level of service we received. We love our rings and highly recommend Charleston Alexander.

Services Used: Jewelry